What is Advanced Driving?


Advanced driving

is the ability to control the position and speed of your vehicle safely, systematically and smoothly, using road and traffic conditions to make reasonable progress unobtrusively, with skill and responsibility. 

The skill requires a positive but courteous attitude and a high standard of driving competence based on concentration, effective all round observation, anticipation and planning. This must be co-ordinated with good handling skills. 


The vehicle should always be in the right place on the road at the right time, travelling at the right speed with the correct gear engaged and can always be stopped safely in the distance that can be seen to be clear. 


One of the main principles of Advanced Driving is that you actively look for the hazards so that you can react to them, or you anticipate the danger and plan your driving accordingly.


                                    If you dont see or anticipate the danger, you cant do anything about it.

                                          As I always say, there are dangers lurking everywhere you drive,

                                           seek the danger because if you do not it will certainly find you.


There are three main types of hazards;

1) physical features of the road such as bends, junctions, camber, hedgegrows, obscuring views, roundabouts.

2) position or movement of other road users, ie. children on bicycles, pedestrians, other vehicles, emergency vehicles.

3) variable hazards, such as changes in road surface, loose chippings, weather conditions, reduced visibility, fog.


Hazards can come as a single isolated area of danger or they can come in numbers. Your task as a driver is to

recognise them and decide what to do about them.


Having identified a hazard or anticipated a potential hazard, it is essential that you put the mspsl routine into use. The idea is that you gather all the information you need (mirror checks) and get the car to the right speed, in the right gear, at the correct position in the road, before entering the hazardous area.


Do you ever enter a bend and then realise that you are going too fast?


Do you ever have to change gear in a junction, because you were in the wrong gear to get through it?


Do you ever "drift off" thinking about what's for tea, then find yourself braking sharply for a developing situation ahead?


The Advanced driver is always focussed, always aware of potential situations evolving, always striving to be aware of everything around and ahead of them. Always aiming to be in the correct gear, at the correct speed, in the correct position so he or she can deal with the situation. 


Practice your skills in recognising these hazards.