A selection of the Rules of the road "Answers"

1.     a) When the driver in front of you is turning right, b) when you intend to turn left,  c) when vehicles in the lane on              your right are moving slower

2.    Traffic on the right and traffic already turning

3.    Where you have good vision of the junction or where your bumper is in line with the 

        outside of the kerb to your left & right

4.    The extreme right lane

5.    a) 120km    b) 100km     c) 80km   d) 50km 

6.    100km\ph

7.    By yellow flashing beacons

8.    Stop unless you are too close to stop safely

9.    They mark\ signal the edge of the hard shoulder

10.    No parking within certain times stated on plate 

11.    No parking at any time

12.    Each side of the Island is a separate crossing

13.    Where there is too much surface water between Tyre & Road and where tyres are worn, then braking can become            ineffective.

14.    Half a Metre 

15.    5 Metres 

16.    Turning left\ right, reversing, on the straight road, hill start, turn a bout, parking, moving off, changing lanes

17.    1.6mm (exceptions to the rule are motor cycles and vintage cars 1mm)

18.    Traffic on the right 

19.    When you have entered a yellow box to turn right and the lights change to red, you are deemed to have

        taken possession of the  junction and should 

        complete the manoeuvre with due care and attention.

20.    On a Motorway or Dual Carriageway

21.    25 metres –which you double in wet weather or apply the 2 second rule (only a fool breaks the 2 second rule)

22.    1)your perception time,  2)reaction time,  3)vehicle reaction time, 4)vehicles braking ability

23.    Driving too close to the vehicle in front

24.    The Driver but where passengers are over 17 yrs and over, they are responsible

25.    brow of hill, yellow lines, clear way, hard shoulder, contra flow, loading bay, footpath, cycle track, junction

26.    Obey the line nearest you

27.    To avoid hazards, obstructions, for access

28.    That there are continuous white lines a short distance ahead

29.    the answer is 5,…  1) Regulatory (red\black circle),  2) Warning (black\yellow diamond),  

          3) Road works (black\orange diamond), 4) Information (various colours & shapes),  5) Motorway (blue), 

30.    15 Metres

31.    Slow down, pull over and stop the car if necessary

32.    built up area, on-coming traffic, behind traffic, Fog, Snow 

33.   single\ double white lines, brow of a hill, bend, junction, hump back bridge, near or at zebra, pelican or                               pedestrian crossings or anywhere where your view of oncoming traffic is restricted.

34.    Where stopping or parking are prohibited (except by Buses or Taxis) for the period indicated on the sign

35.   Pelican crossing:  is where the amber light and the green man flash for a short time after red light goes out. 

        This amber light gives priority to pedestrians.  

        Pedestrian lights: when the lights turn red, the crossing signal for pedestrians (green man) comes on to 

        signal it is safe to cross, 

36.   you must not enter yellow Box unless the other side is clear with the exception of turning right.  

37.   Between the hrs of  23.30hrs  & 07.00hrs