Individual lessons are payable at time of lesson.

Block booking lessons are payable in advance.

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Lessons: We offer a range of lessons from the beginner to intermediate to the advanced driver.  We also offer sessions on reverse parking and parallel parking. 


The beginner:  Essential Driver Training (EDT) is compulsory for anyone who has obtained their Learner Permit after the 4th. April 2011. This requires the Learner

to take 12 modules (lessons) before they can sit their Driving Test. You cannot sit your test until 6 months after the date of issue of your Learner Permit.

With new regulations for Learner Drivers from 22nd December 2018, if you do not have a sponsor to help you practice, your driving instructor can assume this role.


The intermediate:  Having completed your 12 EDT lessons or if you have your learner permit prior to 4th April 2011 and are looking to book your  Driving Test, I would recommend a programme of 6 lessons which includes a mock pre - test.


The advanced Driver:  Having successfully passed your driving test you should give good consideration to a Motorway session. These sessions are of 2 hours duration

The sessions are aimed at building your confidence and awareness on the motorway, 

Topics covered will include;

*Planning your Journey,

*merging and diverging with other road users,

*lane discipline and lane changing,

*distance awareness,

*your ability to read information signs,

*progress management, 

*courtesy to other users,

Discussions on;

*Weather conditions.

*road fatigue,

*how safe is the motorway,

*how safe are other road users. 

*Is there a good time to drive on a motorway.


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