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As of 20th August, Driving Instructors have received guidelines from the HSA . These guidelines were copied from   


There have been several concerns;

1) Social Distancing in a Motor Vehicle

2) Not staying longer than 15 minutes with an individual in a confined space.

3) Proper use of PPE. 

4) Sanitizing Vehicles before, during and after lessons.


As ADI's, students spend much longer in our vehicles compared to sitting a driving test.

This is why the HSA have been very reluctant to give  us guidelines regarding these issues.


The guidelines we have received do not tell us anything new as to how to manage this virus. The issues outlined above still remain for everyone. 


We simply do not know the movements of individuals prior to taking a lesson. This, as you can imagine is a huge concern and is why we are not returning to work just yet. There is now a large increase in under 25's testing positive. If you look at the photos here, taken over weekend 4th July and imagine anyone of those people could be on a driving lesson the following day. For some Instructors this is not worth the risk at the moment. 


When we do, it will be a great day for all concerned. Until then practice if you can, revise material if planning to take a test and visit the Test areas to familiarize yourself with local information such as Junctions, Lanes, Roundabouts and test centres.