What is EDT?
The EDT is an Essential Driving Training safety programme launched by the RSA on the 4th April 2011.
The programme is aimed at reducing the carnage on our roads and introducing compulsory lessons prior to an individual sitting their test.


Who does it affect?
 Any person aquiring their first learner permit with a start date on or after 4th April 2011 must complete a minimum of 12 hours Essential Driver Training with an RSA registered Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) before they can sit their driving test. The RSA recommends that the 12 EDT lessons should be spread over six months and be supported by practice and tuition as required.

" It is my professional opinion that a student usually finds it very difficult to find a sponsor willing to take them out for a lesson and who is suitably equipped to give adequate instruction in this field. There are also issues with time and car insurance. Therefore spreading 12 lessons over a six month period does not work "
We will refer to these 12 lessons as Modules as it will make more sense as you read through this information. 

Each Module focuses on high risk road safety topics and these are areas that will be covered.


Safety issues.
Safety Issues which will be covered include... correct road positioning, changing direction, anticipation and reaction, managing speed, round-a-bouts, lane changing and night driving are some examples.

          The RSA has recommended that In order to get the maximum benefit from each module, the learner driver should try to do at least five hours of practice in the two week period before and after each EDT module and the best person to do this with is a Sponsor.

It's all to easy to make recommendations, if the learner driver does not have use of a car, is not insured or does not have a sponsor who is available and willing to take them out then fitting 5 hours of practice in will not work.

So as a beginner it does not make any sense to wait 2 weeks if you cant drive or practice inbetween lessons, so I would recommend you take at least 2 lessons a week to get you to a reasonable standard so you can practice with a Sponsor.  


Log Books.
The student will be given a log book to maintain and when each of the twelve modules have been completed they will be signed and stamped by your ADI Instructor. There will also be progress reports on each module for everyone to read so as good communication is constantly maintained. The RSA has informed all Advanced Driving Instructors that a charge of €4.00 per log book will be applied. Unfortunately this expense will have to be passed on to the Student.


EDT Information:

If you have completed your 12 EDT modules, bring your log book with you to your test centre as you may be asked for it.

Please ensure that the driving instructor(s) you had have uploaded all 12 modules onto the RSA website.

You can also check this for your self.
Go to www.rsa.ie and on the home page under Learner Drivers select "My EDT" .
Then under the heading "what is my EDT" select "my EDT".
This will take you to a page where you enter your personal information:   
Surname, First name, D.O.B, Licence no.


        If your 12 modules have not been uploaded onto the RSA website you will not be able to sit your test.