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   1.   Q.  I have my Learner Permit 6 weeks, when can I sit my driving test?

        A.  You can sit your test once 6 months has elapsed from date of issue.


   2.   Q. Do you have to parallel park your car on your test?

         A. There is no parallel parking required.


   3.  Why does the Tester not talk to you ?

        To allow you to focus and concentrate on your driving test.


   4.  What do you think most people fail on in their test?

        Generally, observation is what fails most people. Poor awareness of what is happening around you, not 

        observing the road well ahead, not  anticipating what other road users may do. Not reacting early to

        hazards ahead.


   5.  How long does the Test last?

         The theory part of the exam will take approx ten minutes and your Driving Test will take approx 30 to 35 minutes     


   6.  I struggle with Dyspraxia, could I talk out loud through-out my test, like do a running commentary                                                         because taking instruction while driving is fundamentally what a Dyspraxic cannot do? 

       Yes you can do a running commentary out loud while driving.  You can also request a Supervisor

        Examination when you submit your Driving Test  Application form if you have been diagnosed with

        Dyspraxia. You will need to call the RSA to arrange a Supervisors test. 


   7.  Do I have to use my handbrake every time I stop?

        If the tester asks you to stop then you should apply your handbrake, i.e Hill Start, Reverse, Turnabout.  If you feel you might        

        roll-back on an incline then apply it. You should apply your handbrake if stopped at Traffic lights for a

        time or in traffic for a prolonged time.


   8.  How many Test Routes are there?

        A Tester will always have 5 or 6 different ways to bring you on your test, by just turning left instead of           

        right will alter a route. You should get to know the area and not a specific route.


   9.  Does my Tax Disc need to be current or will I get the benefit of the month's grace?

         Your tax disc needs to be current and not expired.  (see Test Centre info on main menu)


 10.  I am a Smoker. Can the Tester refuse to take me out on my test if they smell smoke odour in my car?

        You have to remember that your car is their working enviroment and if the odour is too strong they may 

         well refuse your test. So avoid smoking on the day of your test in your vehicle and if need be put an

         Air Freshener in.


11.   Do I have to turn my head and look out the side and rearview windows when reversing if I am Pregnant as I find this

        very awkward and uncomfortable to do?

        You are not obliged to look in your left and rear windows considering your condition. Checking your 

        centre Mirror and wing mirrors will suffice.


12.   What is the situation with the new "N" plate (Novice) that you have to display on your vehicle?

        It is compulsory for any individual who passes their driving test to display the "N" plate for 2 years.


13.   Will it not be very difficult to see out your rear window if you have an "N" and "L" plate displayed on it?

        Yes it will, so I think the Government will have to come up with a single plate where both letters are

        merged together.


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14. I would like to thank you for your articles on Dyspraxia. I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia when I was 4yrs. 

      Its been a struggle but I have managed well.  I am only starting to drive but have an Automatic car which I

      think will help me a lot. 

      Hi Janis, really glad you found the information helpful. Just keep up the good work and feel free to drop

      me a mail.


15. I recently did my driving test in Tallaght. The tester was using a tablet to mark my errors which I

      thought was much better than the marking sheet from last time. When we got back to the test centre he

      gave me a sheet that had words circled and underlined. He said I passed which was great but he didn't tell

      me how many grades I got and my instructor was waiting to see the results.

      The RSA introduced a new marking system using a tablet which allows the tester to be a little more discreet when

     marking.Unfortunately the new system is a lot more confusing as you are not aware of what grade's you get until

      you will receive a detailed report via email or by post depending on how you applied. I feel this

    is a step back rather than one forward. I have contacted the RSA  highlighting this. 


16. Where do you go to obtain your Learner Permit. 

    The Tax office no longer accepts applications for a learner permit or a full licence. You now have to go to your local NDLS                        office and apply there. You will need to bring  I.D. Please follow this link NDLS for further details.


17. My Learner Permit is out of date for 2 years. Do I have to re-sit my Theory Test?

    No you do not. You would have to re-sit your Theory Test if your Learner Permit has been out of date for 5 years.


18. What does the REDUCED EDT mean?

  Please follow the link here


 19. When will Driving Tests resume with Covid19 situation?

  The HSE have not given both Driving Instructors and Testers any guidelines to restart our industry. As of 8th July we are still awaiting      this information