"On your approach to the end of any road you must decide

in good time how to deal with the junction"


                                                     Ask yourself...


*    Do I go or do I stop? 

*    What gear should I be in? 

*    How well can I see traffic on the main road? 

*    Are pedestrians waiting to cross? 

*    Is the junction CLOSED or OPEN? 




How do you decide? 



*   A Closed junction is one where your view is so limited that you have to be at the Yield line before

        you can see clearly into the road you intend to join. Blocking your view could be Parked Vehicles,  

       Trees, Lamp Posts, Hedges or even Pedestrians. 

*    Essentially, it's anything that spoils your sight line on your approach to the end of the road. 

*    If you are approaching a Closed Junction, stop in the gear you are in and come back to 1st gear when

     you stop. It's not always necessary to change down to 2nd gear on your approach if you have to stop. 

*    Once you've stopped and looked in both directions you can then proceed provided it is safe to do so. 

*    Imagine a closed junction as a Red traffic light.



 *   An Open junction is one where your view into the main road is good on the approach and gradually

       improves as you get nearer the Yield line.

 *    A good example of an Open junction is a Roundabout.

 *   Remember, a junction can only be considered Open if your view is good in all directions on your

       approach and improves as you get closer.

 *    Use your M-S-P-S-L Routine.

 *    Ideally your aim should be to arrive at the junction in 2nd gear, don't leave it until you are halfway over

      the Yield line to decide what gear to select.