A selection of the rules of the road "Questions"                                      


1.    When can you overtake on the left?

2.    At an uncontrolled junction of equal importance, to whom should you give way?

3.    At a stop sign which has no white line, where should you stop?

4.    What position would you take up to turn right in a one-way street?

5.    What is the maximum speed on  a) Motorway  b) Dual Carriageway  c) Regional\ local roads  d) Towns\ Cities 

6.    When driving on a National road (green signs), what is the maximum permissible speed limit?

7.    How would you recognise a zebra crossing at night-time?

8.    What does the Amber traffic light mean?

9.    Where would you find broken yellow lines and what do they mean?

10.    What does a continuous yellow line mean?

11.    What do continuous double yellow lines mean?

12.    What does the island in the centre of a pedestrian crossing mean?

13.    What is Aqua-plaining?

14.    What is the legal parking distance from the kerb?

15.    How close to a junction can you park?

16.    Give some examples of where you should check your mirrors?

17.    What is the legal minimum tyre thread depth allowed by law?

18.    At a junction where traffic lights are not working, to whom do you give way?

19.    When can you drive through a red traffic light?

20.    Where would traffic merge or diverge?

21.    What distance should you maintain with the vehicle in front of you that’s travelling at 50km\ per hr 

22.    Your total stopping distance depends on 4 points – what are they?

23.    What does “Tailgating” mean?

24.    Who is responsible for ensuring that Seat belts are worn?

25.    Where should you not park…give several examples?

26.    If a continuous white line was flanked by a broken white line on your side, what does this mean?

27.    When can you cross single or double continuous white lines? 

28.    What is the significance of 2 broken white lines running parallel on a main road?

29.    How many Categories of road signs are there?

30.    Its illegal to park within what distance of a Zebra crossing, Pelican Crossing, Pedestrian Lights

31.    If dazzled at night by on coming traffic, what should you do?

32.    When driving at night on full headlights, when should you dim your headlights?

33.    Where should you not overtake? Give 5 instances.

34.    What is a clearway?

35.    What is the difference between a Pelican crossing and Pedestrian Lights?

36.    What rules apply to a yellow box junction?

37.    At what time of day are you not permitted to use your horn other than a traffic emergency?