Relevant Information when doing your Test in Raheny Test Centre



Raheny Test Centre  Is located on All Saints Park within a small cluster of shops. 

You can park outside Test Centre or near by side road if busy


Raheny is a large test area and you could be taken to several locations. 


I would recommend you visit this area and familiarise yourself with it.

 I would also recommend you take some lessons. 


Your test will last approx 30 \35 minutes.


You will be instructed to drive straight unless otherwise instructed to do so.


Take your time driving in and out of the test centre.    

Raheny can be a busy area depending on the time of day, day of the week and the area you are taken to. 

Testers will know the area well, from local events that are taking place to the week-in-week-out activities like bin collection days, school times, peak hour traffic  and even where cars\ trucks are parked at particular times throughout the day. Remember they do this every day. 



I would certainly recommend  taking a few lessons both to sort you out and to gain a good knowledge of the local area.