Reverse manoeuvre on your test post Covid 19

There has been a lot of uncertainty regarding the Reverse Manoeuvre  where the Tester is "stepping out of the vehicle" while the student does the Reverse around the corner.


   This issue has been raised with An Garda Siochana as to it's legality. 

                  The response by Chief Superintendent Garda National Roads Policing Bureau  is outlined below.


             The legislation states the requirement to be ‘accompanied’ does not apply while undergoing a driving test. There is no reference to ‘while under instruction’. The Bureau is not aware of any advices provided to state otherwise.

 SI No 537/2018 – Road Traffic Act 1994 (Detention of Vehicles) (Amendment) Regulations 2018.

Section 17(6)(a)(iv) vehicles of category B, C1, C, D1, D, EB, EC1, EC, ED1 or ED, shall not drive such a vehicle unless he or she is accompanied by and is under the supervision of a qualified person


Section 17(6)(c)(i) conditions under Section 17(6)(a)(iv) do not apply - while the holder of the licence is driving a vehicle in the course of undergoing a driving test or driving a vehicle of a category in respect of which he or she holds a valid certificate of competency, or, where that certificate contains a statement that in relation to a category of vehicle it is limited to a specified type of vehicle, while he or she is driving a vehicle of that type

So it is legal for a Tester to "step out of the vehicle" while the reverse is being performed.

This is also Covid 19 related as you are not permitted to be in a confined space with another individual for more than 15 minutes.


I would encourage ALL students under-taking this manoeuvre to be extra vigilant for any movement around your vehicle.


If the tester steps out of your vehicle and your car is equipped with a rear view camera, you may use it for additional observation only but dont rely on it while reversing as it's too dangerous and if the Tester see's you are only looking at camera you could fail your test.


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