What is a Sponsor?
One of the most important decisions you will make as you consider learning to drive is who to choose as your Sponsor.
This is a hugely important role and so it is vital that this is a person you feel comfortable with and who demonstrates safe driving behaviour that you can learn from.


The Sponsor needs to show an ability to put you, the Learner at ease, to build your confidence, not to raise their voice, to play an active role in advising and encouraging you.

The role of a sponsor might be a parent, uncle or sibling, but it must be someone who can make the commitment to you to contribute their time to helping you to become a safe and competent driver.

As a Professional Driving Instructor I would highly recommend that sponsors sit in on several lessons so as to gain a valuable insight into how the Advanced Driving Instructor teaches and instructs and how to maintain a calm atmosphere.

Remember your Sponsor has not been professionally trained to teach you or to coach you.

The chances are they will pass their bad habits onto you! 

I will always recommend that a Student should take professional lessons at least up until they can

competently drive on the road.


EDT modules are.... on their own not sufficient to teach you to drive. –It is your responsibility to continue to practise between lessons so that you can build on the skills you have learned with your ADI.
If you are only starting to learn how to drive you will not be able to practice between lessons. As a professional Instructor
I would recommend you take at least 5 lessons close together. These will enable you to practice with your sponsor the driving skills you will have learned and the confidence you will have gained.

This is a critical part of the learning to drive process



 It may be the case where there is no sponsor or the sponsor is not available to take the student out. In this case it would make good sense for the student to have additional lessons between each module so as not to fall behind

and end up costing more.

There are also several books and documents available which the student will need to read and revise regularly as the lessons and modules progress.  Make sure you have a good knowledge of the rules of the road and you can also visit the RSA web site for relevant reading on www.rsa.ie