New Tablet introduced for Testers


Over the last number of months, the RSA have been testing and training staff on the new Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system, whereby the driver tester will use an electronic tablet to record performance, instead of the old paper based system.  Once fully introduced the authority expects substantial improvements in the way it provides the service.


One significant change in the way information will be provided is the way the candidate receives their formal report form.  In general Driver testers will continue to provide verbal feedback following completion of the test and will where appropriate also issue a new ‘feedback form’ with guidance on areas that require further development.  Candidates will receive their detailed test report form in whatever channel of communication they selected when they applied for their driving test (e-mail or letter post).


                                                                        I received the above email from the RSA, May 2013.


The new feedback form does not give you any idea as to what grade's you will have received, you will not know how many grade 1's, 2's or 3's you have been marked for.  

A circle or an underline mark on yout test sheet is all that you will receive and you will be informed that these will require further attention.

You will be told if you pass or fail.

I certainly welcome the use of the tablet as it is much more discreet, but still believe there is a lot more to do to improve this relationship.



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